Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shine On

For a while now I have been very obsessed with painting any hardwood floors I could get my hands on white, or any other color really. I finally convinced the husband it was a good idea, and he even offered to rip up the carpet in the master bedroom so I could paint the floors underneath (what a man I have). So i went to Home Depot and asked the men at the paint center what type of paint to use. the conversation went something like this:

Me: "Hi, if i was going to paint my hardwood floors white, what type of paint would be best?"

Man at Counter (MAC): "Why would you do that?"

Me: " because i like the way it looks. If i use regular paint, will it seep into the wood and ruin it?"

MAC: "Im not sure why you would paint hardwood floors. "

Me (getting very annoyed): "I said i like the way it looks. Listen, I am not asking for your opinion, just your guidance. Can you help me or not"

MAC: "Well we dont sell paint for hardwood floors"

Me: " well they are made of wood, so wouldnt regular paint work?"

MAC: " I have never heard of anyone wanting to do this. Why would you pay for new hardwood floors just to paint over them?"

Me (ready to slap this man): "sir, they are not new they are under carpet and i want to paint them."

MAC: "Oh- well in that case, i guess you could use the WOOD PAINT WE SELL RIGHT OVER THERE"

This literally lasted 5 minutes. Who cares if he didnt like the idea. Clearly he doesnt read any blogs or home decor magazines- and his failure to answer my simple question explains why he is working in the paint shop at the Home Depot. Idiot.

Anyways, the above images are wonderful. I love the shine, it adds a touch of glam to the rooms. I am totally doing this when we move into phase 2 of the house renovations.

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