Tuesday, May 18, 2010

House Update 5.18

Well- here are some long awaited photos of the new house- well, the new floors in the new house.  When we moved in, the place was covered top to bottom in Berber carpet.  Both the husband and I are not fans of carpet, so our fist major decision was to rip it up and low and behold, we found original hardwood floors underneath that were actually in pretty decent shape.  Ripping up the carpet is top 5 in the worst things ever- the process was painful and long- it took us almost 10 hours with ripping up the carpet, pulling out the tack board (i might be making that word up) and then pulling the staples out of the floor.  I estimate we pulled around 10,000 staples out of the first floor and the stairs.  One stair actually had 87 staples (I counted because I was so angry).  But, in the end, the work paid off.  The hardwoods underneath werent bad, but they were a color that we both absolutely hated, not to mention the random brick/linoleum we found in the front entryway was not appealing at all.  Poor husband worked for an hour to pick away at the stuff, and then the floor guys came in and peeled it off with a heat gun in about 5 minutes.  We hired a company to come in and refinish the floors, giving them a dark chestnut brown stain, and they came out to exactly what we wanted.  We left the carpet on the 2nd floor (which you will see in posts to come) but within a year that will be ripped up too and replaced with hardwoods painted white. 

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