Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ive been a bad bad blogger

I have been MIA lately, and its totally lame, I know.  Last week was truly a week from hell, and so far this week aint gettin any better.  Let's review:

It all started last Monday, when the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan at work.  Nothing to do with me, but I of course had to clean up the aftermath and everything that was in it's wake.  Tuesday wasnt so bad, and then Wednesday hit me in the face like Chuck Lidell with brass knuckles.  My blackberry broke.  As in the screen went black, the buttons stopped working, and I couldnt do any work.  I happen to be in CT when this all happens, so I high tail it to the nearest Verizon store to get a new phone, because (yay!) Im due for a new one anyway.  They are so nice, and after 3 hours of waiting, I get me a new phone, and bam, its on like donkey kong.  I return to work/home with my new blackberry, and the world is good.  The weekend came, TG, and off we went to PSU (more on that later).  Then yesterday rolls around.  I happen to be at lunch with my boss when my brand spanking new blackberry stops working. Completely. 100%.  Im thinking it must just be a system upgrade.  I drive back home, I head to Verizon, where Im told "we cant do anything for you mam because you bought this phone in CT".  I fight the urge to jump across the counter and slap Olga, my friendly sales rep, with every ounce of me.  I leave and decide that although sitting in my car crying will make me feel bad, it aint gonna fix the phone.  I go to another store, and 3 more hours later, I walk out with a brand new iphone.  I didnt want an iphone to begin with, but it was cheaper (woot woot) and i guess sooner or later i was going to have to make the switch.  So now im the proud owner of a white iphone. with instagram (see photo below).  and a new app that translates my dogs barks into English.  and the husband believes every word of it. and its only wednesday.  Isnt it depressing to think that I have at least 1500 more Wednesdays to work before i retire at the ripe old age of 60?

I do love me some instagram though.  how you like them bangs? and yes, I know, my shirt looks like it has animal crackers on it.  back off me yo.

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