Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Favorite Home Ever

As a blogger and self proclaimed stalker of all things interior design, I tend to find alot of things that inspire me on a daily basis.  My ultimate goal is to one day have a job where I can simply take tours of people's homes and then write about how amazing they are, a la Apartment Therapy.  I see pictures and drive by gorgeous homes every day and there are many different things that attract me to the ones i love.  Bright colored front doors, hand-crafted shutters, large and inviting porticos with the perfect lamp hanging above, lattice work and hard wooded porches, the list goes on and on.  But every time I see these homes I love, there is always something that is out of place.  Maybe the colors are all wrong, or the area sucks.  Or maybe the house is a cookie-cutter type, for which I have never been fond of. 

When we started searching for our first home over 2 years ago, my biggest "want" was for it to feel like a home, and not a carbon copy of the house next door.  I wanted an open space and new fixtures, but i didnt want boring basics.  I didnt want to miss out on all the perfect imperfections that make a house a home.  So when we found our colonial home, it really packages up everything I wanted.  It needed some love but had good bones, and by changing some colors and putting our own design spin on it, it became ours.  It is still changing (I literally move things from room to room on a weekly basis), but we love it.

So what is the point of all my babbling?  Its that I have found my dream house.  No, its not a mansion on the water, or an old, renovated victorian in some overpriced neighborhood.  Its simple and plain, lived in and imperfect. It doesnt have shiny sparkly appliances and a chef's kitchen.  It is quaint and cozy and is filled with amazing, one of a kind pieces that I would happily accept from the owner, say, if they wanted to give them all to me.

  I want to live here.  I dont care that its in Sweden, or that it is easily 100 years old, if not more.  It has land, a view to die for, and I want to wake up every day in this attic-bedroom with exposed beam ceiling, go downstairs and light a fire in my kitchen stove while I yell at the husband to go outside and get more wood.  Yeah, thats what my perfect house wish is.  Whats yours?

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