Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Our house is officially Christmas-tized, as my mother likes to call it.  It sucks living far away and decorating when in reality, the only people who see the decorations are the two awesome people who live here.  But I will continue the tradition every year of whining on December 1st that I want a tree and watching from inside my warm house while the husband puts up the lights up in the freezing cold. I will take some more snaps later when I find my camera charger but for now, here is a little photo of our entryway (tree and skull are actually in the living room, which is to the right when you walk in). I love my silver branches (purchased from Michaels for $2). Photo is taken from my blackberry so its a bit blurry and the colors on the walls look all out of whack ugh.  They are actually gray here.  Anyways, i will try to take some later with the lights on. 

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