Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new hobby alert

Yes kids thats right, I have taken up boxing. And not only have I taken up boxing, but I have also gone to two pilates classes in the past two weeks. Yes, you read that correctly, I am being active. Every spring I tell myself I am going to get in shape for summer so I can look close to good next to all those spray tanned Jersey people at the shore; and every summer comes and I am sill in the same sad shape I was back in February. So, this year I decided I was actually going to get off my ass and make some moves. Case in point- boxing. The photo above shows a typical boxing ring in a typical boxing gym. The gym I chose? Much dirtier, darker and I can guarantee that my gym smells worse (something similar to men's body odor, sweat and bleach mixed together. ok, back to the story- so we (me and two coworkers) start taking group training sessions with Darryl. Darryl (i have no idea how to spell this man's name) is approximately 5'6'' tall, walks with a limp like he has a bad hip, and has two pinky fingers that are always curled down (possibly a boxing injury but I am afraid to ask). so basically, when he says "hi five", he really means "high four". But I love Darryl, because he tells us he is proud and can see improvement in our jabs, and our speed bag punches. So its been almost two weeks and I think boxing rules. We are definitely the only girls at the place- well thats a lie but the other girls could bench press Darryl x 2 and then eat a small child- but everyone is so nice and willing to help us get in shape and learn the basics of defending ourselves. So the moral of the story is, you dont need a sparkling clean gym with brand new machines to get in shape. What you really need is the simple motivation of friends to meet you at the gym, and a nice little trainer who will hit you in the face if you dont keep your hands up to protect yourself. I can already feel my love handles disappearing, and its FANTASTIC.

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