Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Tomorow (March 3rd) is my Dad's birthday. I wish I was closer to him so I could go and share a nice big piece of birthday cake (with ice cream on the side) and help celebrate, but unfortunately the 5 hour car ride and the fact that I have to actually work tomorow are keeping my ass in Jersey. So I will just give a little toast to him from afar. And since I cant actually see him on his big day, I thought I would list a few fun facts about my Dad:
1.) He's a ninja. Seriously. He used to practice karate and now he's a real ninja.
2.) He drives a truck, used to drive a soft top red jeep, and loves the Grateful Dead. In fact, when I was a little kid he stuck a Gratefully Dead sticker with bears on our minivan.
3.) People call him Duck. Always have and probably always will. I dont know why though, since his name is Paul and Duck just doesnt make any sense.
4.) He's really tall and has a bad back. I inherited both of these from him.
5.) He owns some cool guns and even lets me shoot them on occasion.
6.) He plays the banjo and the clarinet, and this scares the hell out of his grand-dog Barkley.
7.) He is the most level headed and calm person I know. I think maybe 1 oz of this rubbed off on me, but luckily I can always call him for reassurance.
I hope your birthday is a great one Dad, thank you for all you do. I love you!!!

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