Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Big News update

So a few weeks back I mentioned that the husband and I had some big news to share and of course everyone who actually reads this blog immediately thought that we were pregnant and got mad we didnt tell them...well we had to let them down and tell them no we are NOT pregnant, but we are buying our first home! After almost a year of searching and over 60 houses looked at, we found the little house of our dreams. 3 bedrooms, a fireplace and a huge yard- we couldnt ask for more. So, in a few short days, we will be closing and then a few short days after that- we will be moving in! Its very crazy how this whole process goes so fast and then you wait around for weeks, and then it moves so fast again. Then you hand over the big down payment check and get sick to your stomach and realize there is no turning back.

Anyways- we are very excited and I of course have a million and one ideas of how to make this house a home for us and our little pup Barkley. We have some minor renovations to do (ripping up some carpet- i hate carpet- and refinishing the hardwoods we found underneath, and then of course we are painting all the walls and even using wallpaper on one (gasp!). So this blog will most likely turn into our little home renovation blog for the next few months, if not longer. Hope you will all come along the ride.

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