Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad Trend I Love

Over the knee boots are popping up everywhere, from the runway to Steve Madden stores. I am not completely sold on this trend yet- actually, I am sold on the trend, but not sold on where on earth I would ever wear these to. They seem like they would be a bit uncomfortable for walking and sitting...but they look so pretty...

These women pull them off in real life...sort of. Blake Lively during Gossip Girl filming, Kate Moss looks good in whatever she wears, model on the street in Paris? Why not. I dont love the white version of these boots and I really dont like Lindsanity Lohan...but she still makes the look work for her.

If I do cave in and purchase a pair, I want them to look just like this. These boots are from freakin Zara! Why dont I ever find any good shoes there? I literally saw these Here and immediately left work and ran to the 3 Zara stores within 20 blocks of my office. No luck though- which is so frustrating because these boots are perfect in every way. They are the right height on the leg, have a chunky 4 inch heel that would be totally comfy to walk across the city in, and were probably less than $100.

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