Monday, August 8, 2011

Fireplace finished (for now)

The fireplace/mantle are finished.  Took me 2 weekends to get it done but now we have crossed the finish line and thats all I have to say about that.  Take a look!

Oh and whats that above you say?  our new sectional!  Best.idea.ever.  This thing is like 3 beds lined up together and yes, I have already fallen asleep in the corner and its only been here for 3 days.  But lets take a look at where i started from...white paint, yes i started with painting the fireplace white...

and i hated it.  It really washed out the room and made the mantle disappear into the wall.  So i opted for satin black paint with a top coat of chalkboard paint- because thats just how I roll. And for all of you thinking that I am an idiot for painting the inside of the fireplace as well- I used heat resistant paint inside there, so unless our fire gets hotter than 4000 degrees, we will be all set!

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