Thursday, August 18, 2011

Casually strolling down "the hill"

Last weekend the husband and his siblings threw a surprise 60th bday party for their father.  It was a nice little gathering with about 30 adults and way too many kids up in Worcester MA...

setting up for the party...Jaime, Ed, the husband, Cousin Annie
 Look at his face. Not sure if he is surprised or about to go all postal on us.

Could have been because he saw this...a nice little slideshow that Gwen and I put together with photos from when he was a baby, all the way up through now.

Our goddaughter Savhannah.  Trouble maker.

Checking out his gnome Boston cream cake.  Best. cake. ever- props to jaime

Nothing like forcing him to take a pic with us!

My nephew locking me out from the patio.  Such a sweet 4 year old. 

The husband making a nice little speech about his old man.  He broke out the purple for this party, so you know it was awesome.

Jaime's friends, who gifted the old man some depends, in the case he has an accident

The husband and I after 4-5 cocktails, circa 630pm.

The Santagate clan.  Looks like a crayola crayon box with all those colors.

Clearly they are sober...dancing the night away to some oldies tunes before heading back home to the fire pit for some more good times.  Happy Birthday John!

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