Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just a little thing that we in the biz call awesome

Long time no talk people.  We just got back from a lovely summer vacation to NH- very exilerating-  believe me.  While we were up there, ma and paw Jean decided to use their little gift card that we all gave them for Xmas and go for a little ride in a bi-plane.  with no cover on the top.  Anyone who knows my mother should be impressed by this story already.  So we haul ass into two cars and head down to the quaint town of Laconia NH, otherwise known as tramp stamp central.  We arrive in a deserted parking lot and we sit in the hot lakes region sun for about 30 minutes, before realizing that we are actually at the wrong place, wrong side of the airport, wrong wrong wrong.  We again arrive at a parking lot, and head inside to meet Phil the pilot, walk to the hangar, and check out the plane.  It has a wooden propeller (is that what they are called?)  They climb into the tiny seat in the front, put on their headphones and took off into the sky.  We got back into the cars, and headed to the nearest arcade/bar so we could get our skee-ball/ bloody mary game on.  Photo sequence below shows all the action, check it:

walk walk walk, all day long...

wooden prop- told ya.

 ma and paw pre-flight

this is what we in the biz call a "happy dance".  Or the polish jig.  Dad watches on while already in de plane!

my photo skills are top notch.  Theres de plane!

and there they go

skeeball brain freeze

bloody mary heaven

she survived the ride!  and even got a slinky as a souvenir!

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