Monday, March 28, 2011

Master Bedroom [ in progress] PART DEUX

Remember HERE when I mentioned we were going to finally get around to making over our master bedroom?  Well, this past weekend I bit the bullet and got started.  I had been agonizing over what to do with the wall color (wallpaper? neutral color? black?) and finally made the decision to nix the wallpaper idea and go with matte, navy walls for the room.  Sounds dark, I know, and move people wouldnt dare paint all the walls in one room navy- but I loved the idea of having navy and wood tones together in one room, along with a bright pop of color from an area rug or other decor.  I pulled some inspiration from the below photos:

There is pretty much nothing I want more in my bedroom than hardwood floors...but it seems like that isnt going to happen anytime soon considering we would have to haul out all the upstairs furniture and store it somewhere for a week while the floors got refinished.  So, i decided I would just layer an orange or coral area rug over the berber carpet we currently have to get my look.  For the walls, I went with Martha Stewart (love martha) paint in Wrought Iron- which is below.  It is the perfect shade of navy, not too bright but not anywhere close to black. 
Once the painting is done, we plan to revamp the room by painting the remainder of the trim white, putting in some floating shelves to house books, and cool ceramic pieces I have found, and moving in the new dresser we scored for $60 on craigslist.  Before and After photos will follow in a week or so, when I am done!

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