Monday, November 29, 2010

We Made It!

We made it out alive, barely.  After cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 15 and 4 days of house guests, the husband and I were elated to spend last night on our respective couches watching football and drinking wine.  Overall, the dinner went off without a hitch (minus the ridiculous amount of family members who thought it was a good idea to just stand in the middle of our small kitchen while we were trying to cook).  I had to instill a one in- one out policy to control the madness.  In other unrelated news, the pup has gained 2 lbs since his surgery and is having a bitch of a time trying to hop up onto anything because he doesnt realize how fat he is all of a sudden.  The chunkster cant even make it up the stairs without falling and stopping for a rest halfway up.  So pupster and I will be sweating it to the 80s tonight, to work off the pumpkin pie we stuffed ourselves with this weekend. 

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