Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sista Sista why you buggin

100th post! Seems like just yesterday that my husband told me to "get a hobby and make a blog." So I did, and 100 posts later, I love my new hobby.

So in honor of this great milestone, I want to introduce to you a new column that is going to be popping up weekly on here. My good friend Melissa, who lives out in San Francisco (and who actually came up with the name for this blog) will be guest blogging! She will be writing about her life out on the west coast, and if I know Melissa, shoes/fashion/weddings will also be high on the priority list. This is, of course, the friend who shares the desire to open a wedding planning company with me someday. Her first column, unless I am mistaken, is going to be called "isshoes". Do you get it? Of course you do! Shoes! Girl has got some of the best shoes I have ever seen. Melissa, I give you the keys to the golden city! Blog away!

And of course since shoes are the topic, here is a pretty picture!

Jessica Simpson dany platforms. I dont like her but these shoes are hawt,

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