Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Isshoes from the West Coast

So here it is, my very first blog post ever...thank you Lauren for having me... I am so excited to share my stories, ideas and opinions! :)
Lauren and I have been friends now for 9 years (scary right?) and even though I am 3000 miles I consider her one of my closest friends! We don't necessarily chat everyday but we have so many shared passions, obsessions, ideas, that I will have a random thought or see something gorgeous and I will think Lauren would totally appreciate this...and then somehow the conversation ends up being about weddings....when it comes to weddings we are completely and certifiably insane or at least our husbands think so! :)
Since I live in San Francisco, I was thinking I would show a little bit about what's going on in the bay!

So kids, it turns out that corduroy is back...and as part of a guerilla campaign for the joint corduroy launch by Levi's and opening ceremony they covered random objects in corduroy and placed them all around the city....

Betsy Johnson was out here promoting her new line, and threw pink champagne party in her Union Square store....Betsy you are crazy but boy do I love your shoes....with plaid taking the stage these days, these booties are amazing...

Check out Lia Kes, she is a New York Designer that moved to San Francisco with her husband, and opened her 1st retail location. Lia's design vision is wear ability, she wants women to be able to clothes through various seasons, and different occasions.

~Melissa R.

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