Sunday, November 22, 2009

OH- IO!!!!

So we took a little trip to Ohio last weekend for the OSU/Iowa football game. We decided to drive, and although we saw about 4,000 cows along the way, I am still unsure if driving was a good idea (the trip back was VERY long...thankfully I slept for about 3 hours of it while the husband drove- thank you John!). We had an amazing trip though...above are just a few photos from the trip...
From the top: 1.) a stop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Place was full of history and we needed another 6 hrs to really soak up all it held! I even snuck some pics inside the Springsteen exhibit! 2.) Our walk over to the stadium, with cocktail in hand. Stadium is huge- there were over 107,000 people in attendance! 3.) The entire city of Columbus shuts down on game day and routes for their hometown team...these were two fans we saw along the way that John told me to take a pic of- lucky for these guys they sat in order! 4.) We visited the old basketball arena for the Skull Session (the infamous OSU marching band practices here). The team came through on their way to the stadium...this whole thing was really cool and so entertaining. 5.) Inside the stadium- its HUGE. Did I mention that OSU won in overtime and are Rose Bowl bound???? Whats better than watching 50,000 people storm the field? This last photo shows just the beginning of it!

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