Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Into the Great Wide Open

Ohio State University- I love you. I tried to apply to you for college but my parents nixed the idea before I could even fill out the application...something about " me only going there because the quarterback was hot..blah blah." I have been OSU Football's biggest fan since 1996 or so and even to this day, I loyally put on my vintage Ohio State t -shirt every time they play and tell everyone else to "shut up I am watching the game." Some of my best memories include the ridiculous rose bowl win, trips to the BCS championship game, and watching them crush Michigan year after year. Unfortunately, some of my lowest moments have also come after hours of mouthing off to rival fans, only to watch the Buckeye's do what they seem to do best: crumble under pressure.
The husband knows how much I love OSU (even if he thinks the obsession is a bit crazy) and got me tickets to what is turning out to be their BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR. I sat quietly last Saturday afternoon, silently praying that Iowa would lose (something they had not done in 17 straight games) and hoping that OSU would pull out a win against Penn State. The god's must have loved me that day, because sure enough Iowa lost, and OSU kicked Penn State all around Happy Valley. This Saturday, it all goes down in Columbus. #10 Iowa vs #11 OSU for what seems to be the Big Ten championship game. I am more ready than I ever will be...nails painted gray and red, layers of OSU clothing packed up, and a camera to snap 400 or so photos on the long drive out to Ohio. I am so excited it really isnt even funny.

It all started with a simple crush on a boy that was 1,000 miles away (he totally looks like the husband)....

And then that boy came in like a rockstar and won the Rose Bowl

Then there was Todd Boeckman...sigh

Why are all QBs so damn good looking?

The infamous Horseshoe and I have a date at 33opm..

Probably one of the things (beside the game of course) that I am most excited about- The Ohio State Marching Band!

If all goes as planned...this button couldn't be more spot on.

And of course, can't go on a road trip without the perfect outfit...I think this one hits the spot...

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