Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wish List

While it might be a little early for an official Christmas wish list, I am one of the crazy people who tend to have a birthday wish list planned out way in advance.  This year is a big one though, because I am turning the evil 3-0!  People always say "your 30s are the best blah blah"- I dont buy it.  My 20s were awesome, and i cant imagine outdoing those wonderful years, some of which i dont remember.  But since this year is a big one for me, I am hoping to get myself something nice...something to reward myself for all my hard work over the last 8 years since I graduated college, met a guy, got married, moved to NJ and found my dream job.  Typically, a large bottle of vodka would suffice in this instance, but after my not so sober antics last Friday night, I am on the wagon.  So chickens, behold my wish list, something of which will be purchased for me, by me, very soon.  I mean, obviously whatever I buy will be worn out with my birthday suit.  Get your mind out of the gutter, not that kind of birthday suit.

Alexander Wang Rocco bag- found HERE

 Egyptian Blossom bracelet- found HERE

Inca dress from shabby apple- found HERE

Brian Atwood Platform chain pumps, hotter and more comfy than Louboutin...holler- found HERE
 Key to my hear necklace- found HERE

La Mer Multi-chain wrap watch- found HERE

Note how i inserted links to each item, so in the case anyone reading this would like to send me a gift, its as easy as snappity snip snap, boom!  If we have learned one thing today, it's that I like to plan ahead and make lists.  It's no doubt I learned this from my mother, who has been making lists like a bad ass since I can remember.  "if you dont make a list, you are a fool" she says.  Well, actually, she doesn't say that ever, but Mr T would.

"I pity the fool who doesnt make a list!"

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