Thursday, September 30, 2010

Total Steal

Ugh! I am back from vacation and I am at a cross-roads in life.  Do I buy this credenza for $250 or do I not buy it?  The obvious answer is no, I dont buy it because we already have storage for our dining room and the husband will literally have a cow if I show up with that in the trunk of the car.  But HELLO- its a mid century modern credenza, the exact kind I have been stalking on that slutty website craigslist for months and months. This little fox is worth around $800, if not more, which of course makes me want to buy it more.  The only thing stopping me at this point is that it has all drawers, and no doors, which means I couldnt store anything too big in it.  I am visibly upset about this decision not to take it.  I may totally change my mind in the morning though.

Oh and while I am on the topic of things I want to buy from Craigslist i also found this table that I desperately need for my dining room.  The husband claims he will make a table before Thanksgiving but I am way too smart to know that it wont happen in time, he is too busy and has ADD and we are in the midst of re-doing the entire kitchen in 2 weeks.  Here is this beauty in all her glory....with 6 chairs to boot!  I want it I want it! I am super depressed about these items so I am about to have a large bowl of wine soup and think dirty little thoughts about where I would stash these babies if they do make it into Broad St...

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